Drivool 890/890(b)

This is multipurpose waterproof GPS device, works wonderfully for any kind of vehicle. Since it has three connecting wire for operation, it is independent of power-port type. You can use this GPS device for any model of bike, car, truck, bus or even boat. Please refer device specification. Drivool 890(b) comes with 150 mAH built-in battery.

All about SIM card, Data requiment, APN

  • SIM card type : Use normal SIM. Do not use micro or nano SIM, they can stuck in device and damage even when used with proper tray.
  • GSM data type : This device works only with 2G data. This is little tricky to get correct data SIM. Mostly none of the carrier sell standalone 2G SIM to retail customer. You can buy their 3G/4G SIM and get 2G data serivce activated, if not activated by default. Talk to the provide or refer the data plan to activate the 2G service. Also, please ensure to have SMS balance enough to configure the device. Vodafone/Airtel/BSNL offer 2G services. Reliance Jio SIM would not work with this device. Buy SIM from drivool, in case you are not sure.
  • APN setting : APN setting is a most frequent reason, why user failed to get the devices working. Please refer below APN list of most prominanet 2G service providers.
  • Operator APN
    AIRTEL airtelgprs.com
    BSNL bsnlnet
    Vodafone www
  • SIM : APN setting is a most frequent reason, why user failed to get the devices working. Please refer below APN list of most prominanet 2G service providers.

Device Set-up

Orange and Blue lights, should be stationary

Indicator light status is an important diagnostic tool. This is complsory for both lights to turn stationary. When you power on the device both orange and blue light will be blinking.

Orange light represent 2G GPRS network. Stationary light means device SIM has detected and it has connected itself with network. However, it does not mean that SIM data is acive or device has started sending data. Before instering the SIM in device, ensure SIM card has ample 2G data and SMS plan. If device orange light does not turn statstionary, it is becuase of weak GMS network. Consider using another data provider. Vodafone/Airtel/BSNL SIM works well depending upon your geographical location. Reliance Jio SIM does not work with this device.

Blue light represent GPS signal reception. Stationary blue light means device is able to fix its location and it will be sending GPS data to server. Wehn you power-on device, it takes some time to identify appropriate satellite and latch with it to calculate the position. If you are not in open sky, possibley the GPS signal reception will be weak. It is recommended to be in opensky for blue light to turn stationary. Cloudy sky is another reason for bad reception.

Mystery of ACC wire

Orange ACC or ignition wire always confuse user and regarded as optional. However, this is very intelligently planed and important feature of device.

When you insert key into ignition switch and turn it to the left you are turning on the ACC circuit. It will allow you to operate radio, windows and other accesories, but it does not turn on fuel pump and other engine controls. It saves battery power for when you need to operate vehicle components without engine being on. The ACC wire offers power/electricity only when you insert car key into ignition switch and turn it to the left. Purpose is same for bike as well.

GPS devices are known for consuming battery power and it will eat-up your car/bike battery when left idle for a week and data frequcy as fast as 10 seconds. However, if you reduce the frequency to maximum possible duration of 480 Seconds, you can reduce battery consumption approximatly by 48 times. However, the tracking experience will not be great if you reduce the frequency as such. If you have a way to keep the data frequency at 10 second when vehicle is running or ignition key is insterted and 480 seconds when vehicle is parked. The Orange wire in device just does that to indicate the engine status to optimize the battery usage. Few customer also use this feature to get notification wheneve engine is started. Refer Drivool uMove manual about App configuration.