Drivool Advantage

This is fairly possible that your organization is using a bunch of softwares including logistics management software including (WHM) warehouse management solution, (CRM) customer relationship management solution, (FLM) fleet management solution or other ERP to manage logistics or complex supply chain environment. Possibly, your fleet may entirely or partly GPS or other IoT enabled and likely none of your system have common protocol of data exchange. Tracking through a siloed webportal hugely impacting scalability of your organization with geographically scattered fleet.

Drivool is capable of being custom fit your organization and integrating IoT sensors with rest of the system if required. To make it smooth transition and easily digestible, Drivool allows to bounce back the data to your current system to keep them live for uninterrupted business processes while implementation. We integrate your current devices and supply our devices for rest of your fleet. Even your third-party logistics vendor can easily be ported to platform and data seamlessly be available to your systems. Once data is ported on Drivool PaaS platform. Drivool work as “CIS” customer information system and serve various sensors data including GPS data to various internal or external customers through custom user interface and allows you other IT systems to leverage as well.

Drivool’s dynamic share capability is specially built technology on top of data platform to share transaction based dynamic data to external or internal customer in form of visual presentation especially in multiple variables scenario of LTL vehicles, Hub-spoke model.The feature work by dynamically change the content of visual google map on a browser link based on data received from system. For this to work, Drivool need GPS data access to all the vehicle involve and switch over event trigger when goods is moved from one vehicle to another. This works great in LTL scenario when part load is being shipped by multiple shipper and combination of vehicles involved runs on different routes. Each of shipper will be able to track their goods end-to-end irrespective of number of vehicles involved or other variable combination. Importantly, you will have historical data of movement to identify service inefficiency or delay.


Drivool platform as a service "DPaaS"

Drivool Platform as a Service "PaaS"

Drivool PaaS is a logistics solution specially made for you, if your organization already using various IT Systems for logistics operation. PaaS is delivered in form or various APIs and solution is highly customizable per your organization. The solution intend to agument your existing system or deliver those vital user interface your organization has not been using.

The application will have comprehensive tracking data of all your vehicles through GPS devices/IoT sensors installed on it. It Collects tha data from your ERP about transaction, user and assigned vehicles and load transfer triggers. The platform automatially send tracking links to internal or external user and seemlessly deliver trackin and other IoT data.


Drivool uTruck

Drivool uTruck

Drivool is made flexible to fit the need of different types of users for their specific use cases.

In trucking industry, spot market or mandi majorily consisits of broker and transporter plays a pivotal role, especially in the Indian context. No matter how big or small a player is, one has to reach out to the spot market to fulfil their daily transportation requirements. New technology entrants consider these intermediary reason for markert inefficiencies and have the aggregators platform to eliminates them.

Drivool consider spot market participants very vital part of industry and term them Market makers. Drivool uTruck is created for market maker to use technology to have their work flow streamlined and competitive.


School bus tracking Application

Drivool uSchool

Drivool uSchool is a comprehensive school bus live tracking application with parent App. Adminstrator App capable of work standalone or fully integratable to your favouraite ERP. An ERP integration will allow application seamlessly exchange the data student, route, schedule data between drivool and ERP. This makes setup and ongoing management so easy.

Application can be personalized for each parent to show the bus, route and stops that been assigned, with vehicle approach notification.

Admin console is fully featured application with route creation and management module, user access and utility to integrate the application with student data source.

Drivool platform support many different availble GPS devices, this means you have a fair chance to switch to drivool even if you have GPS device installed previously from a third party..


Ride hailing at bottom of pyramid with technology without exploitation.

Drivool uHire for e-Rickshaw

Power of Ride hailing at bottom of pyramid can prosper when the technology is truly be used for convenience and not to exploit the drivers or vehicle owners. Without a concept of ride hailing, the conventional methods were inefficient. India needs localized version of ride hailing, technologically more in sync with available current infrastructure and does not cut out 20-30% drivers margin.

While designing our technology, Drivool had following two points in mind.

1.How the technology can prove inclusive to those strata of public transport where driver can not handle smart phone or can not afford a smart phone?

2.How technology can be delivered cheap?

How does this work?

The locational search is the core of ride hailing technology, rest is peripheral. The concept can work if user can request a ride and driver does know where to pick the rider. However, in real world scenario, driver availability is subjective and so a logical flow is required if smartphone at driver end to be excluded. Drivool has capability to mirror popular ride hailing App and work in the same way, but we wanted to tone down entire technology to fit the Indian conventional scenario.

How to exclude smartphone?

In Delhi and many other states, GPS devices are being mandated by govt with lots of emphasis. Drivool has developed a way (cost less than Rs100) to use current GPS devices installed on auto-rickshaw to show their availability for ride. Driver will just have to press a physical button and he will be available on our platform to be hailed for ride. End user App will look like any other Ride hailing App, where user can indicate pick-up/ drop location and request a ride.

How the rest of the flow will work?

Based on proximity search algorithm driver will be selected by platform and sent an SMS with basic information and browser link for rider path. Driver can use any feature phone like Reliance Jio to open the map on browser and accept the ride.

What about payment gateway, platform commission ?

Do we need it, really? Drivool is not going to charge commission on every transaction. Let's have driver freedom to have the way they want to transact. Paytm.. cash or anything else and have them entire share of earning and pay GST.

How much driver have to pay?

Lesser than what they already pay for basic tracking. Rs 100/ per month.